Is Saccharin Sweetener Safe to use?

Saccharin has been in use for over 100 years. It is listed among the oldest artificial sweeteners. Saccharin sweetens both drinks and foods. People started substituting saccharin with sugar because of the perceived health benefits. These benefits range from aiding in weight loss, enhancing dental heal and managing diabetes. High amount of sugar has been linked with serious health complications. Artificial sweeteners are considered healthy when compared to sugar.

What is Saccharin?

Saccharin is made by oxidizing phthalic anhydride. It falls under the category of artificial sweeteners. This artificial sweetener is white in color. A lot of people substitute it to sugar one particular reason. It doesn’t contain carbohydrates or calories. Furthermore, it cannot be broken in the body. It leaves the body the same when being excreted. Saccharin is sweetener when compared to normal sugar. You need only small bits to give your food or drink a sweet taste.

Some people feel a bitter aftertaste. Such people are encouraged to mix it with low calorie sweeteners. Aspartame is one of the low calorie sweeteners you can use. Saccharin is used in different fields. Manufacturers love this additive because of its stability and can stay for a long period without going bad. This artificial sweetener is also used as an additive in medicines and carbonated diet drinks. Above all; this artificial sweetener can be used in place of sugar during baking or in coffee.

Is there evidence to prove that Saccharin is safe for human consumption?

This is one of the commonly asked questions when it comes to saccharin. Numerous researches have been carried out by top institution such as the world health organization, among others. These researches revealed that there is no direct link between saccharin and any other medical condition. However, some researchers stated that more research should be conducted about this artificial sweetener. Further studies revealed that saccharin isn’t broken down in the body. It is ejected as it is.

What are the food sources of Saccharin?

A wide range of drinks and diet foods contain saccharin. This artificial sweetener can be found in two forms. It can be in liquid or as granules. There are numerous brands that manufacture saccharin. Therefore, you can easily find saccharin in your local stores. Artificial sweetened drinks are another source of Saccharin.

Chewing gums, baked goods, salad dressings, jams, dessert toppings, canned fruit, jelly and candy also contain traces of saccharin. Saccharin can also be found in some cosmetic products such as mouthwash and toothpaste.

Is there limit in terms of Saccharin you can consume?

As we all know, consumption of sugar is linked to serious health problems such as diabetes and heart condition. Therefore, it should be taken with limitation. Saccharin is very concentrated when compared to sugar. As a result, it should be taken with moderation. However, a lot of research has not been conducted on the amount of saccharin you should consume at any interval. Limiting yourself on the amount of this artificial sweetener you consume to be on the safe side.

Saccharin links with weight loss

Sugar contains high amounts of calories. This is quite the opposite with saccharin. This low calorie sweetener can help you shed off a couple of calories. It can also protect your body against obesity. Saccharin enables people to enjoy their favorite meals and drinks. These drinks and meals contain low calories. Based on these, people who substitute sugar with saccharin are more likely to shed off some extra pounds.

Some people disputed this fact and claimed that saccharin was not a low calorie sweetener. They also added it could cause weight gain as it made a person hungry most part of the day. A thorough research was conducted to prove they were just speculations. Replacing saccharin with sugar can aid in weight loss if you control the calories you eat.

Effects of Saccharin on Blood sugar levels

Diabetic people are advised to reduce or avoid sugar intake. This helps keep their blood sugar levels at bay. A lot of diabetic people prefer saccharin over sugar for various reasons. First, it is not broken down by the body. This means it will leave your body the way it was. As a result, this doesn’t affect your body’s blood sugar. Practical researches have been carried to prove this statement. Research has revealed that people with type 2 diabetes who consume saccharin maintain their sugar levels. Saccharin can help regulate blood sugar levels for people with high sugar levels.

Can substituting Sugar with Saccharin reduce cavities?

Consumption of sugar is one of the leading causes of tooth decay. Dentists advise people to avoid eating sugary meals and drinks. Alternatively, you can replace sugar with low calorie sweeteners such as saccharin. Saccharin can significantly reduce the possibility of cavities on your teeth. So, how is this possible? Saccharin, one of the artificial sweeteners isn’t fermented in the mouth. This trait allows it to be used in medicine. Therefore, consider saccharin over sugar if you want to reduce the possibility of cavities in your mouth.

Are there any negative effects linked with Saccharin?

A large number of researchers have confirmed that saccharin is safe for humans. However, they emphasize that it should be taken with moderation. Well, there is more. Saccharin and other artificial sweeteners can affect normal bacteria balance in the gut. These speculations have not been well researched or proven. Above all; people bodies react differently. There are those that exhibit some side effects, whereas others don’t showcase any side effects.

After careful analysis of the above context, it is fair to pronounce saccharin as safe for body consumption. This is the reason they are recommended to replace sugar. Furthermore, this artificial sweetener aids in weight loss and reducing the possibility of attaining cavities. These benefits are not caused by the artificial sweetener. It is because of their low sugar levels. Therefore, consider saccharin over sugar in baking, in drinks or even meals. This is one way to keep fit.


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