What should you not eat on a low fat diet? Bad Low Fat Foods Explained

When people say low fat, then healthy foods with numerous benefits for the body and overall wellbeing comes in mind, isn’t it? Fruits and vegetables are some low fat foods. Many people perceive them as good foods to the point they have included them in their diet. Manufacturers have since adopted the low fat campaign in all edibles. There are plenty of processed foods labeled as low fat. Sadly, not all low fat foods are good for the body. Here are examples of low- fat foods that are actually harmful to health when used for a long period.

1. Low fat breakfast cereal

It has for years been perceived that breakfast cereal is one ways of kick starting your day the healthy way. This is bearing in mind some cereals are labeled low fat and contain a wide array of nutrients. Such nutrients range from minerals and vitamins. Sadly, not all low fat breakfast cereals are good for the body. Some low fat breakfast cereals have added sugar. This can be read in the ingredient section. High sugar level in cereals is linked to serious health conditions. These conditions range from type 2 diabetes, obesity, kidney condition and heart disease, among others.

2. Low fat flavored coffee

Coffee is one of the commonly consumed drinks. People love it because of its health benefits to the body. Coffee contains a significant amount of antioxidants. These antioxidants reduce the possibility of type 2 diabetes. They also protect our heart from various complications. Caffeine is also found in coffee. It increases the metabolism rate of a person, the physical and mental performance of a person. Low fat flavored coffee was launched in the market a while back. People love it because of its sweet taste and the low fat label. Well; this drink can greatly damage your health without noticing. Most of low fat flavored coffee contains high sugar levels. Furthermore, they don’t make you full when compared to solid meals. The high amounts of sugar levels can result into weight gain.

3. The Flavored low fat yogurt

Yogurt is one of the commonly consumed meals. Plain yogurt can help in weight loss, increase the levels of hormones in the body and improve the general wellbeing of the body. This is the reason it is considered healthy food. There are plenty of flavored low fat yogurt brands around us. The term low fat and flavored logo attracts plenty of people. Sadly, people are not aware flavored low fat yogurt contains added sugar. Consumption of high amounts of flavored low fat yogurt for a long time can result into serious health problems. It can also bar you from attaining some fitness levels.

4. Low fat Dressing Salad

Do you frequently prepare salad in your homestead? If yes, pay attention to the information below. Salad dressing improves the taste of raw vegetable. It is also nutritious for the body. They are rich in Vitamin K, vitamin E, Vitamin D, vitamin A and fat. Fat found in salad speeds up the absorption rate of antioxidants in the body. The traditional salad dressing has also been linked with improving the general nutrients in the entire meal. Currently, you can use low fat salad dressing on your meals. Such salad dressings don’t have any positive impact on our bodies. A large fraction of the low fat dressing salads are full of preservatives and sugar. Stick to the traditional salad dressing for ultimate benefits.

5. Peanut butter with low fat

Peanut butter is one of the most delicious meals you should consider as your diet. People love them as they are linked with numerous health factors such as improving the health of the heart, keeping blood sugar levels at bay, help you attain your desired body weight and controlling appetite. Generally, peanut butter contains monounsaturated fat, salt and peanuts. These are the components linked with these tremendous benefits. Peanut butter with low fat isn’t beneficial to the body as many people might think. It contains high amounts of fructose and sugar. A section of the good monounsaturated fat has been replaced by vegetable oil that has been processed. The natural peanut butter is healthy when compared to the low fat butter.

6. Low Fat Muffins

People who want to keep fit and maintain healthy bodies think that consuming low fat muffins is one of these ways. They think that low fat muffins are the best options when compared to other baked meals. This is just a perception. Low fat muffins contain high sugar levels when compared to ordinary muffins. They also contain low amounts of fiber. The low amount of fiber is linked with uncontrollable eating habits. This can result into weight gain in the long run. A high sugar amount isn’t recommended for people with existing chronic conditions. It also increases the possibility of contraction some health conditions.

7. Frozen yogurt with Low Fat

Frozen yogurt is recommended instead of ice cream. This is mostly because of its low fat content. However, frozen yogurt with low fat contains almost the same sugar levels as ice cream. Furthermore, frozen yogurt sizes are way larger when compared to ice cream. This results into a person eating more sugar. The good fat has also been removed from frozen yogurt with low fat. Reduce the amounts of frozen yogurt with low fat you consume if you cannot completely avoid it.

8. Consumption of low fat cookies

Low fat cookies are not that tasty or healthy. These cookies gained widespread acceptance during the 90s. Research has revealed that low fat cookies are not satisfying. A person keeps on eating them over and over. The high sugar levels found in these low fat cookies can result into weight gain. Furthermore, low fat cookies are made from refined flour, that has for a long time been perceived unhealthy. Simply stick to the normal cookies.

9. Cereals bars with Low fat

Some people are too busy for have meals throughout the day. As a result, they opt for low fat cereal bar. These cereal bars are marketed as healthy. However, they contain low amounts of protein and high amounts of sugar. Protein promotes fullness most part of the day. However, the low amounts of protein in low fat cereal bars make a person eat the cereal bars on most part of the day. Consumption of high amounts of sugar in these cereals bars isn’t recommended for the body.

10. Investing in Low fat sandwich Spreads

How often do you use sandwich spread? Low fat sandwich spreads are currently trending in the market. Sadly, they are not recommended. Despite their low fat levels, they are rich in processed vegetable oils. Processed vegetable oils are not good for the body. Research has also linked the low fat sandwich spreads with obesity, heart condition and inflammation.

In short, there are foods that are labeled as low fat that actually harm your health. Highly processed foods can be harmful to health too owing to additives and solvents. At first glance, low-fat foods may seem like the healthier choices but the actually ingredient’s percentages state otherwise. The sugar content always lists close to the top usually second or third place showing that it has very high concentrations and that could present a real threat to full body health.

Ultimately, the best foods are whole grain foods and fresh veggies with just enough rations of healthy oils from nature’s abundant bounty.


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