What Is The Difference Between Cassia and Ceylon Cinnamon?

Cinnamon is commonly used among people. It is both delicious and contains plenty of health benefits. Furthermore, it is pocket friendly when compared to other spices. However, some people are not aware there are two different types of cinnamon spice. Ceylon and cassia are the two types of cinnamon. Both types of cinnamon are healthy for the body. However, one type of cinnamon can be toxic if eaten in plenty. Here, we are going to understand the difference between cassia and Ceylon.

What is cinnamon?

Cinnamon is derived from the cinnamomum tree inner’s bark. The inner back is then dried before being curled into quills or sticks. Afterwards, it can be turned into extract or powder. Its compounds such as cinnamaldehyde and essential oils are linked to the health benefits. They are also responsible for the aroma and flavor of this spice.

Cassia Cinnamon

This is one type of cinnamon. It is also extracted from cinnamomum tree. Cassia cinnamon originated from southern China, thus the name Chinese cinnamon. It has since spread across the globe. This type of cinnamon is dark brown in color. It is also rough in terms of texture with thick sticks. A lot of people consider it low quality, thus its affordable price tag. It is actually the most consumed cinnamon across the globe. This type of cinnamon is used on traditional Chinese medicine and in cooking. Most of its composition is cinnamaldehyde, thus its flavor.

Ceylon Cinnamon

Ceylon cinnamon is derived from cinnamomum inner bark. It comprises plenty of tight sticks, which are soft and brown in color. This type of Ceylon cinnamon is less popular among people. This is the reason it is costly when compared to cassia cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon is mostly used in cooking. Its sweet flavor entices people to include it in desserts. Ceylon cinnamon comprises only 50% of cinnamaldehyde in its oil.

Cassia and Ceylon link with diabetes

Cinnamon has been listed as one of the healthy spices across the globe. Studies and research have been conducted to support this statement. It has been perceived to help with blood sugar control. This is beneficial and crucial for diabetic people. People with high blood spikes can normalize their blood pressure through the use of either Ceylon or cassia cinnamon. That’s not all; these two types of cinnamon can increase the insulin sensitivity in the body and the metabolism rate. These results were attained without exhibiting any side effects.

Which one is healthy between Cassia and Ceylon?

Both Ceylon and cassia have different compositions. As a result, they present different health properties. The essential oil ratio is the main difference between the two different types of cinnamon. Researchers have been unable to determine which one poses more health benefits between Ceylon and cassia. However, Ceylon cinnamon has been proven to pose less harm in the body if frequently used.

Cassia and Coumarin property

Coumarin is one of the compounds found in cassia cinnamon. This compound can be toxic if taken continuously for a long period. Coumarin property found in cassia cinnamon can cause lung damage, liver damage or even kidney damage. Some researchers even believe that coumarin can cause different types of cancer. Therefore, limit the amount of cassia cinnamon you consume. Consider cassia if you don’t want to stop taking cinnamon frequently.


In conclusion, both cassia and Ceylon cinnamons are delicious and healthy. However, you should keep in mind the coumarin property found in cassia. Go for Ceylon cinnamon if you desire to be on the safer side. It is also the most common cinnamon.


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