Step-by-Step Guide: How to Change Adult Diapers

The patient should be lying on their back with diaper tabs in their hands so that they may be removed.

Turn the patient onto their side to face away from you, using moderate pressure on their back. Utilize their hips as a navigational aid rather than their shoulders, arms, or legs. To relieve pressure on their spine, smoothly bend their knees gently towards their chests after rolling them. In order to prevent hip dislocation, be sure to keep their hips close together rather than letting them spread apart. The rear waistband should be just above knee level.

Drawing the diaper back while rolling it inwards is useful for diapering a newborn. If there are any messes, stuff them in while you’re rolling. After the diaper has been removed, it should be rolled up and disposed of to the pail.

All of the folds should be cleaned by wiping the area in a back-to-front manner with scrub pants until it is thoroughly cleaned and dried. Before you begin, make sure that the skin is well dried. To clean and dry the skin on the patient’s other side, turn him or her over onto the other side and follow the same technique as previously.

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After a few minutes, let the skin dry naturally, and take advantage of the chance to switch gloves. While the patient is lying on his or her side, straighten the linen and fold the linen protection pad in half halfway over the patient’s waist. While placing the folded section of the linen protection pad against the patient’s back, unfold and straighten both halves of the pad to rest on the sheet underneath.

Apply barrier cream to the patients’ skin, giving special attention to the buttocks and thighs. Tucking the diaper a little beneath the hips and pushing it down can help it stay in place better. In order to do this, the patient should be turned onto their back and the diaper pulled between their legs.

Tie the tabs of the diaper around the child’s waist to keep it in place. Ideally, the top tabs should be disposed of facing down, while the bottom tabs should be positioned facing up in order to provide a snug fit. In order to draw out the folded piece of linen protection from the other side, the patient should be rolled just far enough over to the other side. Make the linen appear clean and well-kept by arranging it pleasingly.

Remove your gloves and discard them in the garbage cans. Washing one’s hands is a good idea!


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