What are the Top Benefits of Keto Diet?

You may have heard of the ‘keto’ diet somewhere, or you have a brief knowledge of this. The Ketogenic diet (also known as the Keto diet) is an extremely low carb, high-fat diet.

This form of diet reduces the intake of carbohydrates, replacing this with a high fatty diet. Ketosis is the metabolic process that occurs when there is little or no carb and large amounts of fat. In this case, the body utilizes fat, turning it into ketones needed to supply energy.

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There are various benefits of the Keto diet. The major ones include:

1. Reduces excess visceral fat

There are two kinds of fat in the body. Subcutaneous fat is found just beneath the skin, and visceral fat is found around the inner organs. An excess of this visceral fat, especially around the abdominal cavity, is associated with insulin resistance that can predispose individuals to Type 2 diabetes. The Keto diet is very effective for reducing abdominal fat.

2. Reduces triglycerides

Reduces triglycerides

Triglycerides are simply fat molecules present in your bloodstream. High levels of triglycerides are known to cause heart disease. The low carb-keto diet causes a reduction in blood triglycerides as the excess fat in the body is utilized for energy.

3. Increases High-density lipoprotein (HDL)

High-density lipoprotein, as opposed to low-density lipoprotein, is a beneficial form of cholesterol. The higher the HDL levels, the lower the risk of heart-related problems. Keto diets, which include lots of fat and low carbs, increase HDL levels.

4. Weight loss

The Keto diet helps individuals lose weight by cutting their carb levels. Low carb diets lower insulin levels in the body. A decrease in this hormone leads to burning fat cells for energy, leading to an overall weight loss. The Keto diet is also very filling, preventing the need to eat more, thus reducing appetite.

5. Reduces Hypertension

Reduces Hypertension

Hypertension is an abnormal increase in blood pressure levels. This can lead to stroke, kidney failure, and heart disease. Low-carb diets lower blood pressure by increasing the excretion of excess sodium and water from the kidneys improving overall heart health.

6. Reduces Acne

Acne is linked to several causes, including diet and blood sugar. A diet high in junk food is high in processed and refined carbohydrates, which can cause intermittent increases and decreases in blood sugar, which can affect the skin. Decreasing carb intake, as seen in the Ketogenic diet, helps to reduce acne.

Final Notes

Foods high in carbs such as sugary foods such as cake, ice cream, beverages such as alcohol; potatoes, rice, legumes, and most fruits should be reduced while foods like meat, fish, butter, avocadoes, nuts, and eggs should be taken more when you’re on a keto diet. This diet can be very beneficial but remember that it is important to consult your dietician or trusted healthcare professional, especially if you have a health problem and want to start the keto diet.


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