How Can I Add Fiber To My Diet?

Fiber plays a crucial role in our health. It aids in weight loss and maintaining your current weight. Fiber also reduces constipation by a big percentage. You also lower the risk of contracting heart condition, diabetes and the bad cholesterol levels in the body. Fiber such as prebiotic promotes healthy bacteria in the gut. This should be sufficient reason on why you should include more fiber in your diet. Here are some ways you can consume more fiber in your diet:

Focus more on whole food

Plant based meals contain high amounts of fiber. Fiber is a special type of carb. It is different from other carbs as it remains intact throughout the digestive system. Whole meals contain high amounts of fiber. The high amounts of fiber found in whole food will make you feel full most part of the day. It also reduces the amount of time it takes to digest food. Diabetic people can also keep their blood sugar levels at bay through fiber found in whole food. Whole foods with high amounts of fiber are legumes, fruits, whole grains and starchy vegetables.

Go for vegetables

Consider increasing the amount of vegetables in your diet. Vegetables are nutritious in numerous ways. They are known for reducing the possibility of chronic disease. Non Starchy vegetables are recommended as they contain plenty of nutrients and are low in calories. Fiber is one of the nutrients. Consider eating your vegetables on an empty stomach. This allows you to eat plenty of vegetables.

Eating Popcorn

Popcorn is a common snack in most homesteads, isn’t it? Well; it is derived from whole grain. A lot of people don’t know that popcorn contain high amounts of fiber. Furthermore, it has an appealing taste. Simply eat plenty of popcorn if you want to increase your fiber intake in the body.


There are different kinds of fruits you can consume. Some fruits such as pear and apple are portable and tasty. Most fruits contain high amounts of fiber. Berries and apples are rich in fiber. Fiber found in fruits can make you full most part of the day. You can consume fruit alone or include it in your diet.

Go for Whole grains instead of Refined Grains

You can either consume refined or whole grains. Refined grains are fully processed. This deprives them off their hull that is rich in fiber. It also deprives them off germ that contains vitamins. This is what makes refined grains last longer. On the other hand, whole grains are partially processed. Whole grains fiber is intact. The same statement applies to its nutrients. Millet, barley, wheat berries and quinoa are examples of whole grains.

Try fiber supplement

This is the most sure of injecting fiber in your body. Consider fiber supplement if you notice your fiber intake in diet is low. Here are a few fiber supplements you should consider:

  • Psyllium- This fiber supplement is commonly used by people suffering from constipation. It can also be used to reduce appetite.
  • Guar fiber-Guar fiber lowers the amount of calories you take in the body. It also makes you feel full for a long period. Guar fiber can also be used to improve the texture of processed food.
  • Glucomannan- This fiber supplement can reduce appetite for people who want to shed off some weight.
  • B-glucan- B-glucan is found in barley and oats.

Eat plenty of Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are powerhouse in terms of nutrients. They contain minerals, vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, proteins and fiber. Chia seeds contain plenty of insoluble fiber. Insolube fiber facilitates proper growth of the colon health. It also reduces the possibility of contracting diabetes. Hemp and flax also contain the same benefits as Chia seeds.

Avoid processed Juice

A lot of people love processed juice. Most of these processed juices are sweet. However, they are most of these processed juices have been deprived off their fiber. Therefore, consider fruit and vegetable juices if you want both nutrients and fiber. Consider blending vegetables and fruits for high fiber juice.

Regularly eat avocados

Avocados fall under the category of fruits. They are very nutritious. Apart from monounsaturated fatty acids, avocados also contain high amounts of fiber. Avocados also benefit the body in numerous ways. First, it can improve the wellness of the heart. You can consume avocados in different forms. Frequently eat avocados if you notice your fiber intake is a bit low.

Seeds and nuts

There are different kinds of seeds and nuts you can consume. These seeds and nuts contain both fiber and fat. There are different kinds of nuts and seeds you can consume. Therefore, choose a nut that contains the amount of fiber you need. You will also benefit from vitamin E, magnesium and unsaturated fats if you regularly consume nuts and seeds. Above all; nuts and seeds are portable.

Use High Fiber flours when baking

Do you regularly bake? If yes, consider high fiber flours. This is one ways of injecting more fiber into the body. Whole wheat flour contains high amounts of fiber when compared to other baking flours. A lot of people aren’t aware that some flour contains less amounts of fiber than others.

Eat plenty of berries

Berries are listed among fruits with high amounts of fiber. Blackberries and raspberries are different kinds of berries you can choose. Berries are also healthy. They contain different kinds of nutrients that are beneficial for the body. Above all; they are sweet in that you can consume plenty of them without noticing.

Eat more legumes

How often do you eat legumes? You should consume plenty of legumes if you want more fiber in the body. Lentils, dried peas and beans are examples of legumes. Apart from high amounts of fiber, legumes also contain minerals, vitamins, carbs and protein. Legumes are also linked with numerous health benefits. They reduce the possibility of contracting some chronic conditions and can increase the life span of a person.

Eat the skin of Sweet Potatoes, cucumbers and Apples

The skin of fruits and vegetables contain high amounts of fiber. Peeling of this skin deprives off almost half of the fiber. The skin of fruits and vegetables contain insoluble fiber. Consider eating the skin of vegetables and some fruits if you want to inject more fiber in the body.

Read the labels of food

Take time and read the labels of meals you consume. Most meals are labeled in terms of ingredients they contain. Whole plant meals are the most recommended way of attaining fiber in the body. There are instances where you have to consume processed meals. In such situations, read the labels to find out the amount of fiber each product contains. This helps determine if the selected food contains the required fiber levels.

Frequently eat high fiber meals

Try your best and consume high fiber meals throughout the day. This should be your breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner. Fruits, high fiber cereals, seeds, nuts and vegetables should be frequently included in your diet.

Bottom Line

Fiber is very beneficial for the body. It helps the body in various ways. The above tips will definitely help increase the amount of fiber you consume. Therefore, consider increasing the amounts of fiber you consume in the body for numerous benefits.


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