18 ways to reduce hunger and appetite

A lot of people are struggling to lose their current weight. This is mostly because of their daily calorie intake. You must lower your appetite and control your hunger if you want to attain your desired weight. There are different weight-loss diets programs out there you can adopt. Sadly, most of this diet programs result in severe hunger and increased appetite. Are you one of the numerous people struggling with weight? If yes, below are some scientifically proven ways of reducing appetite and hunger:

Include enough protein in your diet

Protein has for a long time been known to promote fullness for longer hours. Therefore, consider increasing the amounts of protein in your diet. This can make you stay most part of the day without eating. Additionally, protein can make you eat fewer amounts of food. Protein is recommended for people who want to shed off some weight and fat. Plenty of practical studies have been performed on people who want to lose their current weight. Protein is effective in weight loss by making a person full for long hours.

Eat meals rich in fiber

There are different kinds of meals rich in fiber. Consider meals rich in fiber if you want to reduce your appetite and hunger. Fiber performs its functions by slowing the rate in which the stomach empties food. Meals rich in fiber also trigger the release of fullness hormone. Medical research reveals that fiber produces some short-chain fatty acids through the bowel through fermentation. This is what promotes fullness. Peas, lentils, chickpeas and beans are some meals rich in fiber. Whole grains contain high amounts of fibre. They also contain low amounts of calories.

Please note that there are different types of fibre. Beta-glucans, pectins and guar gum are more filling when compared to other types of fiber. Meals with high amounts of fibre also contain other nutrients.

Go for solid meals over liquids

Choose solid meals over liquids if you want to watch your calories intake. Liquids and solid meals control your appetite in different ways. Solid meals are linked with less hunger and have an improved fullness when compared to liquid meals. Most liquid meals are considered a snack and cannot make you full for long hours. Solid meals entail chewing. Chewing promotes fullness when compared to liquid meals.

Take coffee

Coffee offers plenty of health benefits. It also improves performance in sports. It can also help keep your uncontrolled appetite at bay. Coffee triggers peptide release. Peptide hormone helps promote fullness. In fact, peptide hormone influences how much you will eat in any sitting. Decaffeinated coffee is recommended for people who want to significantly suppress their hunger. This effect can last up to three hours after taking decaffeinated coffee.

Drink plenty of water

Water is capable of suppressing your hunger in between meals. Furthermore, water enhances the performance of different body organs. Water promotes fullness and can help you in your weight loss journey. People who regularly take plenty of water are more likely to shed off weight when compared to those who don’t. Water stretches the stomach and sends fullness signals to the brain. Develop a habit of frequently drinking water in between meals. This is the secret towards keeping your stomach full in between meals. Water can also help reduce your calorie intake each day.

Be mindful when eating

The brain helps us determine if we are full or hungry. Some people have the habit of eating quickly. This makes it difficult for the brain to determine if you are full or still hungry. Therefore, be mindful when eating. You should also avoid different kinds of distractions when eating. Mindful eating helps the brain determine if you are still hungry or full without straining. It also makes you focus on your stomach. You can easily determine if you are full.

Take dark chocolate

A lot of people avoid dark chocolate because of its bitter taste. Well; scientists have proven its bitterness can help control your cravings and lower your appetite. Above all; dark chocolate promotes fullness. Dark chocolate contains stearic acid, which promotes fullness. Stearic acid promotes fullness by slowing the digestion process. Smelling dark chocolate might also deliver the same results. This is in terms of decreased hunger hormones and appetite.

Include ginger in your diet

Ginger presents plenty of health benefits to the body. It can reduce blood sugar levels, inflammation, muscle pain and nausea. Recent scientific studies have revealed ginger can also help control hunger. Ginger can be taken in numerous ways. It can be included in meals or diluted in hot water. People who frequently take ginger stay long hours without getting hungry.

Consider spicing up your meals

There are different kinds of spices you can take to help you control your appetite and reduce hunger. Sweet peppers and hot peppers are some spices you should consider. Spices contain different compounds that can significantly reduce appetite and hunger. Campsite in sweet peppers is one of the compounds that can help reduce hunger. This results in reduced calories intake. People who frequently take spiced meals are more likely to experience fullness for a long period. They will also notice that their appetite will get lower as time progresses. That’s not all; some species generate heat in the body. This aids in burning calories.

Use smaller plates

A lot of people don’t know that eating on smaller plates can reduce the amount of meal you consume without noticing. You will start consuming less food as time progresses. This will automatically lower your calories intake each day, thus aiding you in weight loss. You will unconsciously get full as time progresses without frequently feeling hunger. The use of smaller plates will eventually lower your appetite.

Consider bigger forks

Do you know that the size of the utensils you eat influence the amount of food you eat? Recent studies have revealed that people who use bigger forks are likely to eat less when compared to those who use smaller forks. Generally, people who use smaller forks feel like they are not making any progress when eating. This makes them to eat more. You should also be conscious of the serving spoons you use. Large serving spoons might make you eat more.

Frequent workout

Workout helps the body in numerous ways. It slows down the activation of part of the brain that controls food cravings, appetite and hunger. This will automatically lower the amount of food you eat in a single sitting. Exercise promotes fullness by lowering the hunger hormones in the body. As we all know, there are different exercise routines to choose from. Go for resistance and aerobic workout routines if you want to efficiently control your appetite and hunger

Shed off some body fat

Neuropeptide hormone controls energy and appetite on your body. High level of neuropeptide hormone can increase your appetite.  This will automatically increase your calories intake. Medical researches reveal that people with high body fat composition in the body have high amounts of Neuropeptide. This increases their appetite levels. Therefore, consider shedding off some bodyweight if you want to keep your appetite and hunger levels at bay.

Sleep for 7-8 hours

Medical experts encourage us to sleep for roughly 7 to 8 hours every day. Enough sleep can help you control your hunger and prevent weight gain. Scientific studies revealed that people who sleep for fewer hours are more likely to develop increased appetite and hunger. Additionally, some fullness hormones will reduce in number because of less sleep. Short sleep can trigger weight gain because of increased hunger and appetite.

Control your stress levels

Our current world is full of stress. People experiencing excess stress are more likely to developed increased cortisol hormone. Cortisol hormone is linked to increased appetite and cravings. High-stress levels can also lower peptide hormone, responsible for the fullness. This is the reason a lot of stressed people frequently eat and more likely to gain weight. Therefore, consider controlling your stress levels for reduced hunger and appetite. People have different ways of controlling their stress levels. Choose a method that perfectly suits you.

Go for omega 3 fats

Fish is one of the sources of Omega 3 fats. Omega 3 fats have for a long time been used to increase hormone leptin. This hormone promotes fullness. You will go long hours without feeling hungry if you consume meals with high amounts of omega 3 fats. This can help those struggling with weight loss and uncontrolled appetite.

Choose snacks with protein

A lot of people take snacks in between meals. There are different kinds of snacks to choose from. Opt for snacks with protein instead of those with fat. Snacks with protein can promote fullness this reduces your calories intake. High protein yogurt is one of the snacks that contain high amounts of protein.

Picture eating meals you eagerly crave

Cravings is one of the reasons people attain increased appetite. Therefore, develop the habit of picturing yourself eating meals you eagerly crave. This can actually decrease your urge to consume these meals. A lot of practical studies have been performed to support this statement. This is one of the simplest ways of controlling your appetite and hunger.

Bottom Line

Hunger is a natural signal. It signifies the body you must eat. However, there are tips you can use to reduce your appetite and hunger levels. The above tips have worked for people struggling with their appetite. This might be the breakthrough you have been waiting to lose some weight. Therefore, go through the list before choosing any method.


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