Apple Cider Vinegar

What Are The Side Effects Of Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar has been trending for a while across different online platforms. This vinegar is linked with numerous health benefits in the body. These benefits are also linked with some scientific studies. Despite being a natural tonic, people are concerned about its side effects and its safety. This has raised questions if there are side effects linked with consumption of too much apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar is made from a combination of yeast and apples.

Yeast converts sugar found in apples into alcohol. Afterwards, bacteria are added to the alcohol. This converts alcohol to acetic acid. Acetic acid is classified under weak acid. Minerals, water, vitamins and other acids are mixed to create apple cider vinegar. Apple cider vinegar helps the body in numerous ways. It promotes weight loss by burning fat in the body. It also improves insulin sensitivity and lowers high blood sugar levels.

What are the side effects of Apple cider Vinegar?

Apple cider vinegar presents numerous health benefits to the body when taken in moderation. However, some people consume too much apple cider vinegar. Research revealed that taking too much of vinegar has some side effects. Here are some side effects linked with taking too much apple cider vinegar:

It delays stomach empting

As stated, this natural tonic helps regulate blood sugar levels in the body. It performs this function by reducing the rate foods leaves your stomach into the lower digestive tract. This automatically reduces the rate in which absorption occurs to the bloodstream. Consumption of too much apple cider vinegar can result into gastroparesis. This condition is characterized by food staying in the stomach for too long. The food in the stomach will be released at a very low rate. Gastroparesis is also linked with some symptoms. These symptoms are nausea, bloating and heartburn. Therefore, anyone who uses apple cider vinegar to regulate high blood sugar level should consume apple cider with moderation or they risk developing gastroparesis.

It is linked with some unpleasant digestive symptoms

Consumption of high amounts of apple cider vinegar can result into unpleasant digestive symptoms. Acetic acid found in apple cider vinegar can make a person feel full most part of the day. This can result into loss of appetite. Loss of appetite and feeling full make a person consume less food. This automatically results into low calorie intake. The loss of appetite is mostly caused by indigestion. Indigestion delays the rate in which the body absorbs nutrients. Loss of appetite is also linked to some symptoms such as nausea. Therefore, avoid taking concentrated apple cider vinegar.

It is linked to bone loss and low potassium levels in the body

Different research has revealed that people who take high amounts of apple cider vinegar are likely to suffer from bone loss and experience low potassium levels in the blood. These results can only be attained if you take high amounts of apple cider vinegar for a long period. Osteoporosis is the bone condition linked with consuming high amounts of apple cider vinegar. This vinegar also makes potassium to be leached out of the bones. Therefore, avoid taking highly concentrated apple cider vinegar or it might result into low potassium levels and bone loss.

It can damage your tooth enamel

Acidic beverages and meals are known to damage the tooth enamel. Apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid. Research has indicated that the acetic acid can also damage your tooth enamel. People are encouraged to take apple cider vinegar when neutralized. However, some people consume it without dilution. Taking highly concentrated apple cider vinegar for a long period is likely to damage your tooth enamel. It also gets rid of the minerals that make the teeth intact and strong. Therefore, anyone who consumes tooth enamel should ensure it is diluted. Additionally, you should limit the amount of times you use this vinegar.

You might develop throat burns

Consuming high amounts of apple cider vinegar can result into throat burns. Throat burns are mostly caused by consuming high amounts of undiluted apple cider vinegar. As we all know, apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid. Studies reveal that this acid can cause throat burns if taken for a long period. Throat burns brings a lot of discomfort. It also makes it difficult to eat. Throat burns take long period to heal.

It can cause skin burns

Apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature. Acetic acid found in this vinegar can burn the skin when directly applied in undiluted state. Due to its acidity, some people use it to treat different kinds of wounds. Its acidic state can treat different types of wounds. It treats wounds by disinfecting them. However, it should be applied to the skin when diluted with some water. Some people apply apple cider vinegar directly to the skin when undiluted. This can cause skin burns when applied to the skin for a long period.

Some drugs might negatively react with apple cider vinegar

It has been practically proven that apple cider vinegar can negatively react with some drug prescriptions. Here are some prescribed drugs that are likely to react negatively with this vinegar:

Drugs for diabetes- Diabetic people are required to take insulin stimulating drugs or insulin. A combination of diabetes drugs and apple cider vinegar can significantly lower both potassium and blood sugar levels in the body.

Lanoxin drugs are used for lowering potassium levels in the blood. Taking lanoxin drugs together with apple cider vinegar can significantly reduce the potassium levels in the blood.

Consumption of apple cider Vinegar

As seen above, taking too much vinegar poses serious health threats to the body. Below are some guidelines on how to consume vinegar:

  • You should limit the amount of vinegar you consume. Avoid taking this natural tonic when in undiluted state. You should also take vinegar depending on your tolerance levels.
  • Take only diluted solution. Diluted solution prevents tooth exposure to acetic acid. You should also rinse your mouth with some clean water.

Follow the above tips to avoid side effects because to taking too much apple cider vinegar.

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