Why You Should Ditch Whey Protein For Casein Protein

Casein is diary protein that digests slowly. It is commonly taken as a supplement to reduce muscle breakdown and speed up recovery of damage muscles. Casein is mostly taken as a supplement and releases amino acids that aid in muscle recovery and muscle growth, among others. Generally, milk has two types of proteins, namely whey and casein. Casein is the dominant protein in milk. Whey gets digested faster when compared to casein. This is the main difference between these two types of protein found in milk.

Casein is complete protein because it contains all the required amino acids needed by the body. Additionally, casein contains different bioactive compounds that present different health benefits to the body. Casein comes into two forms, namely:

  • Casein hydrolysate- This form of casein can be predigested and absorbed
  • Micellar casein- This is the common type of casein and the body digests it slowly.

The casein powder contains different kinds of compounds. They range from fat, carbs, fats and some minerals such as calcium.

The digestion duration of Casein vs that of Whey

Casein has a slow absorption rate in the gut when compared to whey. This property means you cells will be feed with amino acids found in this protein for a long period when compared to that found in whey. This ensures your body has enough protein. There are instances where the body lacks enough protein. This results into the body breaking down its own muscles to attain the required protein. The body breaks down its muscles if you haven’t eaten in a while.

Numerous studies have revealed that casein is capable of reducing muscle breakdown. That is the reason it is sometimes referred to as anti-catabolic. Studies were also conducted to showcase how long casein could stay without getting digested. It was proven that casein was still available several hours after consumption. This indicated that there sufficient supply of amino acids to various cells.

The relationship between casein protein and muscle growth

Both athletes and body builders have been using casein protein supplement for a long period. Casein contains all the required amino acids that the body cannot produce, but are vital. Leucine is one of the dominant amino acids found in casein protein. It stimulates hormones responsible for muscle growth. Casein can boost the growth of your muscles if you consume either moderate or reasonable amounts of proteins in your diet.

Muscle gain automatically means fat loss. Comparison studies have been conducted on people consuming casein and include protein on their diet. Another study was done on people who consume casein supplements but don’t consume any protein. Studies revealed that people who consume casein supplement and include protein in their diet gained more muscles when compared to those who didn’t consume any protein.

Casein protein also supports growth and maintenance of muscle mass for a long time. It prevents the body from breaking down the muscles to retrieve the required protein. This is the reason most people take casein supplements before retiring to bed. Maintenance of muscle mass in the body results in loss of fat if you are consistent with your highlighted workout routine. Research has also showcased that casein supplements can improve a person’s general strength.

Other health benefits linked to casein

Numerous researches have revealed that casein contains more health benefits that a lot of people are not aware about. Here are some of these health benefits:

  • Immune and antibacterial benefits- casein is capable of boosting your immune system. It also contains antibacterial properties. Above all; casein can regulate blood pressure levels if high.
  • Fat loss- Are you struggling with fat loss while still working out? If yes, frequent consumption of casein supplements can boost the rate in which you lose fat in the body.
  • Casein fat can reduce triglyceride levels in obese people.
  • Casein acts as an antioxidant. It is capable of fighting and resisting free radicals. Free radicals can be harmful when they left to clump up in the body.

Are there side effects of using casein?

There are speculations that consumption of too much protein might bring out some negative effects. This results into studies on the consumption of casein. Results indicated that healthy people who regularly consumed casein supplements didn’t exhibit any side effects. However, those who overuse casein supplements risked developing either liver or kidney disease. This is the reason casein should be taken as prescribed.

There are some people who have allergic reactions to casein or lactose, found in the supplement. Such people should avoid casein supplements. Some people might experience digestive symptoms such as bloating. However, these symptoms depend on an individual. Overall; casein supplements have been proven safe for human consumption. This is the reason people use them to attain various goals.

The A2 and A1 controversy

As earlier state, casein is derived from cows. Studies revealed that different cow brands produce almost different casein components. Beta casein, one compound found in casein existed in different forms. Some breeds produce only A2 beta casein, whereas others produce both A2 and A1 beta casein. There were speculations that A1 beta casein is linked to heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It was also speculated that nutrients found in A1 beta casein cannot be relied upon. Well; more research is yet to be carried out on these statements. The production of different casein is however confirmed.

How to maximize the benefits of Casein

The casein supplements are mostly in powder form. This makes it easy to carry it around. You can either take casein before or after working out. Consider whey protein or any faster digesting casein. Casein is mostly recommended before going to bed. This is because of the slow time it takes to digest casein. Simply add the recommended amount of casein powder in your glass of water. Stir before taking your supplement.

Natural diaries also contain a reasonable amount of casein. Such dairy products range from cheese, natural yogurt and milk. Cottage cheese and high protein yogurt is recommended for those who want to watch the amount of calories they consume.

Bottom line

Casein takes a lot of time to digest. This property makes it ideal for the recovery of muscles and in boosting the growth of muscles. Casein is also capable of improving your general health. Look no further if you are looking for a supplement that will help you lose weight. Simply consider casein. Simply be consistent with your daily supplement intake.


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