What Is The Most Nutritious Way To Cook Eggs?

Eggs are one of the recommended nutritious meals you should regularly consume. They contain healthy fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins, among others. Above all; they have fewer calories. There have been speculations that the preparation methods of eggs can affect their nutrient levels. Today, we are going to review different methods of preparing eggs.

The different methods of preparing eggs

There are different ways of preparing eggs. They can be cooked alone or included in healthy meals such as vegetables. It is vital to cook eggs as it destroys the dangerous bacteria. This makes them safe for consumption. Below are some common ways eggs are prepared:

  • Boiling- This preparation method is very simple. You simply need to place your eggs in some boiling water and leave it for roughly ten minutes. The Yolk of your eggs become firm depending on the duration you take to boil your eggs.
  • Poached eggs- These eggs are prepared using simmering water placed in a pot. The simmering water should be 82 degrees Celsius.
  • Fried eggs- Fried eggs are the most common types of eggs. Here, you should crack your eggs in a hot pan with cooking fat. You can either fry your eggs on one side or on both sides.
  • Scrambled eggs- Beat your eggs in a bowl. Add some cooking fat in a hot pan and stir your eggs until they are ready.
  • Baked eggs- Take your eggs and place them in a flat dish. Heat your oven until your eggs are set.
  • Omelet eggs- omelet eggs are prepared the same way as scrambled eggs. The only difference is that the eggs are not stirred.
  • Microwaved eggs- Do you know that microwave can be used in preparing eggs. You are not encouraged to microwave your eggs with their shells.

Cooking eggs can make nutrients more digestible in the body

As stated earlier, cooking eggs makes it safer. Consequently, it makes it easy to digest some nutrients. Protein is one of the nutrients found in eggs that are better digested when cooked. Studies revealed that the body absorbs more protein when cooked than when raw. When eggs are cooked, a couple of structural changes occur. The bonds are hold together because the weak bonds break during heating. This is the reason protein in cooked eggs is easy to digest.

These changes can be visible. Both the yolk and egg white changes its thick gel texture and adopts a firm and rubbery texture. Raw eggs might bar your body from absorbing biotin. The protein found in raw eggs might also interfere with biotin. Biotin is a very important nutrient. It helps in sugar and fat metabolism. Biotin is commonly referred to as Vitamin H. Avidin, a type of protein makes biotin unusable by binding to it. However, everything changes when eggs are cooked. The structural composition of avidin changes when it is exposed to heat. This makes it unable to bind with vitamin H or biotin. As a result, biotin can easily be absorbed into the body.

Can high heat cooking damage egg’s nutrients?

There is no doubt eggs makes some nutrients more digestible. However, cooking eggs in high heat can damage some nutrients. This is normal in most meals. Therefore, you should avoid cooking eggs under high heat for a long period. Practical studies have been carried out to determine which kinds of nutrients are affected when cooking eggs under high temperatures. Vitamin A is one of the nutrients that can be affected if you cook eggs for a long period.

Eggs are also rich in antioxidants that protect the body from different kinds of infections. Cooking eggs can significantly reduce the levels of antioxidants. Frying, boiling and microwaving were highlighted to significantly reduce antioxidants. So, what is the secret towards retaining the nutrients in eggs while cooking? The secret is simple. Try cooking your eggs within the shortest time possible. Don’t be worried about nutrients. Your body will still absorb a significant amount of nutrients from cooked eggs.

The oxidation of Cholesterol found in eggs

As we all know, eggs contain high amounts of cholesterol. Cholesterol is mostly found in the yolks. The cholesterol found in eggs is good. It helps the body in numerous ways. The cholesterol found in the egg yolk is oxidized when cooked. This results into the producing of Oxysterols. Oxysterols made people panic over speculations it increases the possibility of contracting heart conditions. Oxidized cholesterol found in fried meals is only linked to heart condition. There hasn’t been any link between heart condition and Oxysterols as a result of oxidation of cholesterol. Therefore, don’t worry about consuming cooked eggs. In fact, cooked eggs are recommended over raw eggs.

The secret on how to cook healthy eggs

There is no doubt eggs are one of the nutritious meals. Below are some tips on how to make your eggs super healthy:

  • Go for a low calorie cooking method- As we all know, there are numerous ways of preparing eggs. Therefore, use cooking methods that don’t require you to add some more fat calories on your eggs. Consider boiled or poached eggs. These two cooking methods are considered healthy when compared to preparing scrambled eggs.
  • Combining eggs with vegetables- Vegetables are known to contain numerous nutrients. Eggs can easily blend with vegetables. Conjoin eggs with vegetables to boost your nutrients intake in the body. These nutrients range from vitamins and fiber. Scrambled eggs go better with vegetables. Alternatively, you can cook your eggs and vegetables separately.
  • Use oil that remains stable when cooked under high temperatures- One ways of cooking healthy eggs is by using good oils that remain stable when exposed under high temperature. Such oil cannot be oxidized when exposed under high temperatures thus forming harmful radicals. Coconut oil and extra virgin oil are examples of good oil you can use for cooking eggs.
  • Go for nutritious eggs- There are different kinds of eggs. These eggs vary in terms of their nutrients. Organic and pasture- raised eggs are the most nutritious eggs.
  • Don’t overcook your eggs- As stated earlier; your eggs are likely to lose their nutrients if you cook them for a long period. Therefore, minimize the number of minutes you cook your eggs.

Bottom Line

Don’t develop a habit of cooking your eggs for a long period. Cooking your eggs for a short period partially oxidizes your cholesterol. This helps your eggs retain more nutrients. Boiled and poached eggs are the most recommended. Bottom line, eggs are very nutritious despite the preparation method you choose.



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