Ways to maintain weight loss

Many people across the globe are struggling with weight loss. They might succeed in losing some weight. It is one of temporary as they will gain weight again. There are some proven ways you can use to maintain your current weight loss. You simply need to adhere to the selected techniques and methods.  Below are some reasons some people regain back their lost weight within a short period:

  • Mindset – People have the wrong mindset in the weight loss journey. Many think that diet helps them lose weight within a short. This is totally wrong. Instead, focus on long term goals or you are likely to gain back weight.
  • Going on diet- There are some restrictive diets which people adopt in order to lose weight. These diets restrict calorie intake. This might affect your metabolism and result in weight regain.
  • Some people find it challenging to stick to a specific diet plan because of their lifestyle. This is the reason they are likely to regain the lost weight.

Follow the below guidelines to efficiently maintain weight loss:

Frequent workout

download (1)The frequent workout is one of the ways you can easily maintain your weight loss. There are different exercise routines to choose from. These workout routines increase your metabolism, making it easy to burn some fat and calories. There should be a balance between the calories you consume and the calories you burn off. This is the only way you can maintain your current weight. The frequent workout is one of the ways you can easily maintain your current weight. You must be consistent with your selected workout routine. This is the only way you will maintain your current weight and prevent weight gain. Workout must go hand in hand with lifestyle.

Don’t skip  breakfast

Breakfast is a very important meal, especially if you want to want to maintain your current weight. A healthy breakfast can help you kick start your day in a good way. Eat breakfast with fibre and nutrients. Fiber is filling in nature and can make you stay for long hours without feeling hungry. People who rarely eat breakfast feel hungry most part of the day. This makes them grab snacks throughout the day and can trigger uncontrolled eating habits. Practical studies reveal that people who eat healthy breakfast are more likely to maintain their current weight.  Start eating your breakfast and notice a huge difference.

Include protein in your diet

Protein plays a vital role in weight loss and maintenance of your current weight. Meals rich in protein can make you full and reduce your appetite. Reduced appetite lowers your calories intake each day. That’s not all; protein increase hormones dealing with satiety. This is what helps you maintain your current weight. Above all; protein can significantly suppress hormones linked to hunger. The effects of protein on your body can help you reduce your calories intake per day. Protein requires high amounts of energy during the breakdown process. This increases the number of calories burnt per day.

Frequently check your weight

How often do you monitor your weight? Develop the habit of frequently monitoring your weight. This can help you determine if you are heading in the right direction or not. Afterwards, you can evaluate if your lifestyle is helping you attain your weight goals or not. A person’s lifestyle determines if they will maintain their current weight or gain more weight. You should change your lifestyle if you notice a slight increase in your weight.

Be watchful on the amounts of Carbs you take

Carbs can significantly increase your weight if you are not careful. Therefore, you should watch the amounts and types of carbs you eat. Refined carbs are some carbs you should limit your intake. They are found in fruit juice, white pasta and white bread, among others. Refined carbs can increase your weight within a short period.  Refined meals don’t have fibre, which promotes fullness. Such meals are linked with obesity and weight gain. Limit your carbs intake on each sitting. This is one of the ways you are going to maintain your current weight. Alternatively, you can adopt a low carbs diet.

Regularly lift weights

Weight loss is linked to some effects. Reduced muscle is the main side effects of weight loss.  This can affect your current weight without noticing.  Scientific reports indicate that loss of muscles can lower your metabolism rate. This reduces the amounts of calories you burn per day. Therefore, you risk gaining weight. Resistance training prevents muscle loss. Weightlift falls under resistance training. Resistance training helps preserves your muscle mass thus increasing your metabolism rate. Workout experts state that people who exercise after weight loss are more likely to maintain their current weight. However, you must be consistent with weight lift.

Be positive on setbacks

Weight maintenance journey isn’t a smooth path. You will encounter a lot of setbacks along the way.  These setbacks range from eating unhealthy meals and skipping workout sessions, among others. Be positive on the setbacks if you want to maintain your current weight. A lot of people regain weight because of giving up on their goals because of setbacks. Embrace the setbacks and move on towards attaining your goals. Join a workout group to motivate each other.

Adhere to your schedule

People who fail to strictly follow their schedule are more likely to regain the weight. Strictly adhere to your schedule throughout the week. Don’t eat meals that are not included in your schedule. Anyone who skips planned schedule can make it a habit. As a result, it can affect your weight goals.

Always stay hydrated

Water plays a crucial role in weight maintenance. Therefore, develop a habit of frequently drinking water throughout the day. Water promotes fullness. This can help reduce your calorie intake each day. Water is mostly recommended before meals. Anyone who drinks water before a meal will significantly lower their calorie intake. Water also increases the calories your body burns. Drink water even if you are not thirsty.

Sleep for enough hours

Do you know sleep can directly affect your weight? Enough sleep makes it easy to maintain your current weight. On the other hand, lack of enough sleep can result in weight gain. It can also affect your weight maintenance routine. Lack of enough sleep increases levels of ghrelin, a hormone that controls hunger. High amounts of ghrelin results in increased appetite. Poor sleep can also lower leptin, the hormone that regulates your appetite. Lack of enough sleep is also linked to laziness and feeling tired. This makes a person too lazy to workout. Look for a way to adjust your sleeping pattern so that you rest for at least 8 hours each day.

Manage your stress levels

You risk regaining weight if you have high-stress levels for a long time. Therefore, you must control your stress levels to maintain your current weight. High-stress levels trigger an increase in cortisol hormone. This hormone is linked to increased appetite, increased hunger and increase in belly fat. Impulsive eating is one of the traits linked to stress. A number of people experiencing stress eat even if they are not feeling hungry. There are different ways and mechanisms you can use to combat your stress levels. They range from meditation, frequent workout and talking to someone, among others.

Join a support system

People who work out on their own are more likely to give up on their weight goals when compared to those working as a group.  Joining a support system can easily help you maintain your current weight.  You are more likely to find people with the same goals in support groups. Therefore, you can easily share tips and ideas on how to efficiently maintain your current weight. Support groups also encourage people to eat healthily and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Be mindful of what you eat

Always be mindful of what you eat if you want to maintain your current weight. People who watch what they eat are more likely to maintain their current weight when compared to those who eat anyhow. You can either use a food tracker application and a journal. Food tracker helps determine the calories you eat and the kinds of healthy meals you should eat. The kinds of meals you eat also influence the kind of workout routines to engage in.

Include vegetables on your diet

There are different kinds of vegetables to choose from. Vegetables can help you with weight loss and weight maintenance. In addition to these, vegetables have low amounts of calories. Therefore, you can eat large amounts of vegetables without gaining weight. Furthermore, vegetables contain high amounts of nutrients. Vegetables also contain high amounts of fibre. Fibre promotes fullness and can reduce your calories intake. Therefore, include vegetables in your diet if you want to easily maintain your current weight.

Consistency is the key

Weight maintenance isn’t a onetime thing. You must be consistent with your lifestyle and healthy eating. It takes a lot of efforts to maintain your current weight. Any relapse can increase your weight.

Pay attention to your appetite cues

Develop the habit of listening to your appetite cues. You might end up overeating if you eat fast. Eat slowly and pay attention to your meal. This can easily signalize the brain if you are full. You are also likely to get full of solid meals when compared to liquid meals. Mindful eating is the secret towards maintaining your current weight and preventing regaining weight.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle

People fail to maintain their current weight because of adopting an unhealthy and unrealistic lifestyle. Therefore, develop a healthy lifestyle if you want to maintain your current weight. You might find it challenging to change your current lifestyle into a healthy one but it is all worth it.

Bottom Line

Weight loss and weight maintenance aren’t as straightforward as it sounds. You must carefully adopt a healthy lifestyle. The above tips can help you maintain weight loss. Choose strategies you can easily adhere to.



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