8 Kidney Stone Treatment Without Surgery

Kidney stones are one of the health problems a lot of people in the society are facing. These stones are very painful, especially when passing them. People who previously contracted this condition are likely to develop it over and over. However, there are some natural remedies that reduce the possibility of contracting kidney stones. Let us start off by understanding what kidney stones are. Kidney stones comprise of solid waste materials that pile in the kidney. These solid wastes form crystals in the kidney. There are four main types of kidney stones; namely cysteine, calcium oxalate stones, uric acid and struvite.

Kidney stones vary in terms of size. Some are smaller, whereas others are large. Small stones can easily be passed through the urinary system. Large stones are linked to severe pain, bleeding and vomiting. Kidney stones affect both men and women. This condition can reoccur in the body. Below are some natural ways you can use to fight kidney stones from the comfort of your house:

Keep yourself hydrated

Medical experts encourage you to drink plenty of fluids and especially water. It has been medically proven that drinking fluids all day round is one of the natural ways you can prevent and fight kidney stones. So, how does hydration help deal with kidney stones? Fluids help dilute the solution that forms the stone in the kidney. This increases the volume of the substance making it unable to form the stones through crystallization. Don’t go for any fluid. Water is the most recommended fluid. It has practically been proven to reduce possibility of kidney stones forming in the kidney. Wine, natural orange juice, tea and coffee can also reduce the risks of developing kidney stones.

However, some beverage drinks such as soda increase the risks of developing kidney stones. Soda contains added sugar and sweeteners. They have for a long time been linked to serious health conditions such as kidney stones. Sweeteners and added sugar contain traces of phosphoric acid.

Increase the levels of citric acid you consume

Citric acid is commonly found in vegetables and fruits and falls under organic acid. You will find high amounts of citric acid in citrus fruits such as limes and lemons. Citrus acid helps fight calcium oxalate stones in two main ways.

  • First, it prevents formation of stones in the kidney. Citric acid binds with calcium making it almost impossible in the formation of new stones in the kidney.
  • Citric acid prevents enlargements of stones in the kidney. It performs this function by binding with already existing stones. This prevents it from becoming larger.

Therefore, increase the amount of citrus fruits you eat. This is one way of injecting a significant amount of citrus acid in the body. You can directly eat the citrus fruits or add it on your drinking water.

Avoid meals that contain high amounts of Oxalates

Oxalate is found in some plant foods. It is an antinutrient compound. It can be found in cocoa, vegetables, fruits and leafy greens. Oxalate is also produced in the body. High amounts of Oxalate are known to cause calcium oxalate stones. Some people’s body reacts by forming calcium oxalate stones whenever there are high amounts of oxalate. Oxalate easily binds with different kinds of minerals, thus forming stones in the kidney. Therefore, don’t develop a habit of frequently consuming meals with high amounts of oxalate. Avoiding such meals is one of the natural ways of fighting kidney stones. However, it is prudent to consult your doctor before changing your diet and avoiding meals that contain traces of oxalate.

Avoid high amounts of Vitamin C

Do you have a habit of taking vitamin C supplements? If yes, you must limit the amounts of Vitamin C supplement you take. High amounts of vitamin c increases the possibility of developing kidney stones. Excessive Vitamin C can be converted to oxalate. It has been practically proven that people who take vitamin c supplements are more likely to develop kidney stones when compared to those who don’t take supplements. However, vitamin C from natural sources doesn’t pose any risk or trigger kidney stones. Therefore, don’t limit yourself on the food you eat. You should only limit intake of Vitamin C supplements.

Give your body enough calcium

A lot of people think they should limit the amounts of calcium they consume in meals. They have a perception that this is the simplest way of reducing possibility of contracting calcium oxalate stones. Well; this is quite the opposite. It has been practically proven that meals with high amounts of calcium reduce the risks of developing kidney stones. It has been practically proven that men and women who limit their calcium intake are more likely to develop kidney stones when compared to those who don’t limit their calcium intake.

Calcium found in meals will bind with oxalate. Therefore, it cannot be absorbed or passed through the urinary system. Dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and milk are some dairy products that contain sufficient amounts of calcium.

Reduce your salt Intake

Medical experts state that frequently taking meals with high amounts of salt increases the possibility of developing kidney stones. Sodium is one of the components found in salt. This component is capable of increasing excretion of calcium in the urine, thus increasing possibility of developing kidney stones. You should also limit yourself on processed meals. They contain high amounts of sodium.

Go for more magnesium

Magnesium falls under minerals. It aids the body in numerous metabolic reactions such as muscle movement and production of energy. It has on several occasions proven that magnesium can significantly reduce possibility of calcium oxalate kidney stone. It is better to go for meals that contain high amounts of magnesium. This is one of the natural ways of preventing and fighting kidney stones.

Don’t eat plenty of animal protein

Dairy, fish and meat are good sources of animal protein. Animal protein is highly linked with the development of kidney stones. It increases calcium excretion as urine. Animal protein also reduces citrate levels. Purines are other compounds found in animal protein that increases risks of kidney stones. It is mostly found in organ meat.

Bottom line

Anyone who has ever developed kidney stones is prone to this medical condition. Therefore, you can use any of the above tips to naturally fight kidney stones.


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