Mandatory Tips For Fitness Exercise

Do you want to conquer the world but feeling tired all the time? Well, the truth is all of us want to conquer the world, but only desiring for it is not enough. As well as tiredness is concerned, your body may be craving for an active lifestyle.

When we talk about an active lifestyle, exercise hits our mind first. It is not only exercises you need to stay healthy and active, but you have to follow certain practices. Let’s find out the exercises and practices which are going to help you stay fit and healthy.

Exercise That Will Keep Your Body Fit

Exercise That Will Keep Your Body Fit
There are several exercises that can bring change in your physical appearance. The most effective ones of them are,

Bicep Curl

Boys these days are obsessed with building biceps muscles. You can find out the men in the gym lifting dumbbells and weights for the love of perfect biceps.

But all you need to do is Bicep Curls. With Bicep curls, you can flaunt your muscles and gain muscle strength at the same time.

You have to grab weights with palms in the forward direction and feet parallel to hips. Bend arms and lift weights toward shoulders. Straighten your elbows and lower the load.

Try Plank

Are you struggling to lose love handles or suffering from back pain and bad posture?
Plank is the right answer. Plank is hard, but the benefits plank offers are truly amazing. Get rid of your love handles while ending up with increased metabolism, muscle definition, and bone strength.

Get laid on your belly. Raise your forearms flat against the floor, holding your upper body weight. Contract butts and abs muscles and lift the torso from the ground slowly. Stay there for five seconds and then lower your body.


Include squats in your daily routine. They are perfect for building leg muscles and burning extra layers of fat. Give a try to squats for building your back muscles and glutes. Try different types of squats like pile squats, jump squats, or pile squats.

Stand straight with open feet while placing hands on your hips. To tighten stomach muscles, move your shoulder towards the back and lift your chest. Bend the knees and start lowering your upper body as you are sitting on a chair. Always keep your knees over ankles and repeat the movements.

Build Killer Abs

Getting a set of six-pack abs is a goal of many fitness freaks. If you are one of them, then make a few changes in your diet and lifestyle; you will get there.

Include aerobic and abdominal muscle exercises in your workout. Switch to high-protein diets such as eggs and meat. Cut on the processed foods and try HIIT. Reducing the intake of carbohydrates and adding foods full of fiber is going to get you killer six abs.

Work on Your Posture for Cardio Machines

Either you want to lose excess fat or build muscles or improve cardiovascular health, cardio machines are the way to go. You cannot get the maximum out of them if your posture is not correct.

Good posture is crucial to enjoying injury-free workouts. So, you must have a straight back with back shoulders and straight high-held head. You will have to make a conscious effort for correct posture on cardio machines by not hanging or leaning on the hand supports.

Some outside the Gym Tips

Some outside the Gym Tips
Along with exercising, it is necessary to keep in mind a few things, listed below.

Follow the Workout Routine Religiously

To achieve certain things in life, we need consistency, and a healthy body is no exception. You will have to hit the gym daily or five times a week to stay in shape. David Muller, a fitness blogger at Australian Master says,
“You don’t need to be an extremist to achieve your fitness goals, all you need is consistency.”

It does not matter what exercises are you doing, it is the routine and consistency that matters. People who are just relying on a consistent walk will be in shape after a few weeks. But people, who are doing plank and cardio once in a week, need to re-think. Be patient and stick to your routine.

Do What You Love the Most

If you hate the exercise you are doing in the gym, all you need to do is stop. As I find no logic to continue with it. Don’t take me wrong.

There are certain workouts and exercises which serve a particular purpose. But you have so many options today to try and explore what works the best for you.
Like, I hate to run, be it tracks, treadmill; simply running is not my cup of tea. Zumba is where I find peace and enjoyment, so that’s what I do mostly to stay in shape.

Fix Sore Muscles

Are you considering to intensify your fitness routine? Well, then beware of sour muscles. Nothing to worry as there are many pre-workout and post-workout techniques to manage sore muscles.

Before training, always warm up your body and stretch muscles. After a workout, you can take a regular bath or ice bath to manage your sore muscles. You can also try self-massage using a foam roller or a massage stick.

Timing and Intensity Matters

You don’t need to work out for hours and hours to get in shape. While the truth is that workout of more than 1 hour does not bring any significant results. According to Julie Thomson, a fitness expert at Academist Help,

” When it comes to workout, less is more. A daily workout of 40 to 45 minutes is enough”.

But if you are a beginner and starting the gym, then keep your pace slow. First, build the endurance then increase the intensity of your workout gradually. The formula is simple; high-intensity workout means less time, and low intensity work out requires more time.

Get Enough Sleep and Water

Many of us work hard in the gym but don’t get desired results. If you find it relatable, then check your water intake and sleep schedule. The hard work you have put during the gym will yield results only when you are getting enough sleep, as our cardiovascular health, lean muscle mass, and immunity gets improved with proper sleep time.

Don’t forget to hydrate your body to make up the water and minerals you have lost during a workout. Hydration also helps to manage sore muscles and cramps.

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