Why do I feel so tired all the time?

People consider feeling tired as a common thing. A lot of people regularly feel fatigued and sleepy. Fatigue is experienced for various reasons. It can as a result of an illness of overworking without enough sleep. If fatigue baring you from attaining your life goals? Well; there are a couple of goals you can fix this common problem among individuals. Below are some ways you can regain your lost energy:

Feeding on refined carbs

Carbs for a long time have been considered a good source of energy. The body usually breaks down the carbs into sugar. The sugar is then used as fuel to enable the body handle different tasks. However, some people have a habit of consuming too much carbs. Too much of everything is poisonous to the body. People who eat plenty of carbs actually feel tired the entire day when compared to those who eat carbs with moderation.

Processed carbs and sugar can raise your blood sugar levels. High blood sugar levels make the pancreas produce and release high amounts of insulin. Insulin helps control high blood sugar levels. The immediate rise and fall of your blood sugar levels will leave your body exhausted. Therefore, you should limit the amounts of refined carbs you eat.

A sedentary lifestyle

Are you inactive most part of the day? If yes, this might the root cause of your low energy levels throughout the day. Research has revealed that a lot of people are lazy or too tired to work out. This is mostly common on the working community. A sedentary lifestyle has been linked to chronic fatigue syndrome. This condition is characterized by feeling tired the entire day. Reduce your inactivity each day if you want to reduce fatigue. Research has revealed that people who regularly work out can significantly reduce fatigue. Workout also reduces the possibility of some medical conditions such as obesity and cancer.

Lack of enough sleep

Our body needs enough sleep. You are encouraged to sleep for at least six hours each day. This helps the body recover the lost energy and regulate the body’s metabolism. However, a lot of people fail to sleep for at least six hours. This can result into fatigue and laziness. Anyone who takes quality sleep wakes up feeling energized, alert and refreshed. This can be better if you take a shower and eat healthy meals. Your sleep shouldn’t be interrupted during the time you are sleeping. Uninterrupted sleep ensures the brain undergone all the sleep cycle. A sleep cycle comprises of five stages. A regular sleeping pattern should also be adopted. It helps reduce tiredness. You should also consider napping. Napping can be used to0 boost your energy levels.

Food Sensitivity

People are sensitive to different kinds of meals. Food sensitivity has some common symptoms. These symptoms are headaches, runny nose, digestion problems and rashes. There are situations where food sensitivity results into fatigue. People who commonly experience food sensitivity are more likely to feel tired. The most common types of meals people are intolerant to range from corn, soy, eggs, dairy and gluten. Therefore, be keen on the kinds of meals you eat. Consult your doctor if you notice tiredness whenever you consume a specific type of food. Alternatively, you can scrap this meal out from your diet.

Eating few calories

A lot of people don’t know that eating few calories can make you feel exhausted most part of the day. Calories are also used as fuel by the body. They enable us to move, maintain normal body temperature and in breathing. Consumption of low calories has been linked to reduced metabolic rate in order to preserve energy. Low metabolism has been linked to fatigue. There is no specific amount of calories you should take. Age, height and weight are some factors that determine the amount calories you should take. Aged people should consume more calories when compared to the young.

Irregular sleeping pattern

Do you have an irregular sleeping pattern? If yes, this might be one cause of reduced energy levels throughout the day. Doctors encourage people to sleep at night if possible. At night time, the body has a way of responding to darkness. This is called the circadian rhythm. Anyone who goes against the circadian rhythm is more likely to develop fatigue and feel tired. This is the reason people who are on night shift feel exhausted even if they have rested for eight hours. People who stay awake most part on the night also feel exhausted. There are plenty of strategies people on night shift can adopt to maintain their high energy levels.

Inadequate protein Intake

We are encouraged to eat meals rich in protein. Protein is also energy giving meals. It has on several occasions proven that intake of low amounts of protein can trigger fatigue. So, how is protein linked to energy levels? Protein is known to trigger high metabolism rates when compared to other meals. High metabolism rate keeps the body energized. This helps prevent fatigue and laziness. Additionally, protein can significantly promote weight loss. Obese people are more likely to experience fatigue faster. There is no specific amount of protein you should eat. Simply ensure you frequently consume meals rich in protein.

Drinking less amounts of water

Water is life. It determines how our body performs and reacts all day long. Therefore, you should regularly drink water throughout the day. This will keep you hydrated most part of the day. You will also have high energy levels all day round. Plenty of reactions take place in the body which results into loss of water. Therefore, the lost water should be replaced to keep you hydrated most part of the day. Dehydration occurs in numerous ways. It can be through sweating, in urine and when breathing, among others. Dehydration has been linked to low energy levels.

Energy Drinks

There are plenty of energy drink brands in the market. As the name suggests, these drinks energize our bodies within a short period. Herbs, caffeine, amino acids, sugar and high amounts of vitamin B. Energy drinks only deliver increased energy levels for a short period. This is mostly because of the sugar and caffeine amounts. Energy drinks are also linked to improved mental function and alertness. Sadly, these drinks are linked to fatigue and laziness when caffeine wears off in the body. This can make you lazy if you take energy drinks during the day. Therefore, go for energy drinks if you must boost your energy levels. However, they should be taken with moderation to avoid fatigue.

High amounts of stress

Stress should be identified and addressed before it gets out of hand. Chronic stress can drain your energy levels and trigger fatigue. Stress is part of our lives. However, chronic stress affects the way a person thinks and behaves. You should look for ways and strategies of addressing stress before it drains your energy levels.

Bottom Line

It is clear that your lifestyle affects your energy levels. Therefore, evaluate your lifestyle and make the necessary adjustments to ensure you don’t feel tired all the time. Follow the above tips to rejuvenate your energy levels.


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