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Today, hand sanitizers have become a prominent part of our day to day life. A small and portable pack can save you from deadly viruses. After the outbreak of the Pandemic, people are finding it challenging to purchase the sanitizers online because of the high demand. And numerous local brands have also started the production to fulfill the sudden need.

As per WHO guidelines, a hand sanitizer is preventive-only if it contains above 60 percent alcohol. Perhaps, this is the biggest reason why brands are now using some chemicals that are effective on viruses but harmful for your skin.

What’s wrong in Using Chemical-Based Hand sanitizers?

What’s wrong in Using Chemical-Based Hand sanitizers
It is adversely affecting the Hand Skin.

As we mentioned above, CDC, USA, and WHO have suggested that people buy sanitizers with over 60 percent of alcohol for comprehensive protection. Though it drastically kills the viruses and germs in your hand, at the same time, it makes your skin unhealthy. These sanitizers contain ethanol, isopropyl, and n-propanol that removes the natural oil from the skin.

Accelerate Aging Process

The extermination of the skin’s natural oil, skin irritation issues, and dry skin can lead to wrinkles, cracks, and calluses. It immensely accelerates the aging process of the skin and makes your skin unhealthy.

Antibiotic resistance

Almost every hand sanitizer in the market either have alcohol or triclosan in it. Triclosan is popularly known for its ability to disrupt hormone function in the human body, and it is related to the superbugs.

Weak Immune system

Several studies have suggested that super clean sanitization in the early stages of life can lead to the inability of ineffective antibodies. We know, this point represents a great dilemma, but this is the harsh reality of human life.

Less-rate of effectiveness

Not every hand sanitizer is capable of producing desired results. So, always buy the sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol. But what happens on the other side? It removes the skin’s natural oil that acts as a natural defense system of the hand. It means we are more prone to illness.


After reading this article, we hope you guys are now pretty aware of the usage of skin-friendly hand sanitizers. So, as an excellent alternative for chemical-based sanitizers, try to purchase natural ingredient-based sanitizers that are skin-friendly and quite effective on viruses.

Skin-friendly hand sanitizers from is one of the popular and prominent commercial sites in India for online shopping. They offer natural ingredient-based skin-friendly hand sanitizers for the buyers. You can find alcohol-based sanitizers too at the site as per the Government guidelines.
Skin-friendly hand sanitizers
So, let’s check out the list of skin-friendly hand sanitizers from

Bewakoof hand rub sanitizing gel

The Bewakoof hand rub sanitizing gel made of pure essential oils and lemon extract formula is perfect for safe usage. It offers complete skin and virus protection. It also has an adequate percentage of alcohol that can help you to exterminate viruses and glycerin for the softness of the skin. Order a hand sanitizer online to keep yourself and the surrounding safe.

Sage apothecary sanitizer

Another pure hand sanitizer product from will give 99.9 percent protection with its true mixture of ingredients! It has aqua, glycerin, 60 percent alcohol to remove all the germs from your hand, and many other natural ingredients essential for healthy skin.

Solve-X instant hand sanitizer

The Solve-X instant hand sanitizer is a multi-function hand sanitizer. It ensures excellent preventive measures for the buyers and kills 99.9 percent of all germs and infectious bacteria. It has a high amount of alcohol mixture to remove all possibilities of getting infected in this Pandemic.

Why should we go for skin-friendly hand sanitizers?

Why should we go for skin-friendly hand sanitizers
The continuous use of chemical-based hand sanitizer can raise serious concerns. They have a high amount of triclosan and paraben that makes your skin dry and unhealthy. Try to purchase natural ingredient-based hand sanitizers online made considering the health and nourishment of the skin.

Take away

Hand sanitizers have now become the greatest line of defense against the virus. So, try to carry a small pack of hand sanitizer in your pocket. If you are planning to purchase a hand sanitizer or masks online, you can visit; they deliver varieties in fashion.


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