5 Practical Ways You Can Help Someone in AA

If a loved one or friend is going through recovery from alcohol addiction, then we know just how hard it is for you to watch their struggles. It’s only natural for us to want to help. However, it’s absolutely crucial that one remembers that there is a wrong way to help and the right way to help.

Recovering from alcoholism is a sensitive struggle. If you don’t say the right things, then you could easily drive a wedge in your relationship.

In this article, we’ll answer the question that’s been plaguing your mind: “how can I help?” We’ll teach you how to support an alcoholic in recovery with loving support.

1. Let Them Know You’re Available

The first way that you can help a recovering alcoholic is simply by letting them know that you are available. Many an alcoholic will lose crucial relationships with their friends and family as a result of the effects of their addiction. They may not have a lot of people in their lives who are caring about them and checking up on them.

So, one of the best ways that you can support them is just to let them know that you love them and are thinking about them. Tell them that you’re available to talk, then actually be available when they need it.

They may also need someone to be available to do things with and be accountable to whenever they feel tempted to drink again. Be ready and willing to shoulder that responsibility.

2. Curb Your Drinking Around Them

Another great way to support a recovering alcoholic is to curb your own drinking around them. Social drinking is one of the ways that someone in recovery can be tempted back into alcoholism. Don’t let yourself be a trigger for someone to go back to a bad habit.

3. Understand the Recovery Process

Make sure that you understand the recovery process. This will enable you to understand what your loved one is going through mentally. Know about withdrawal symptoms, what the detox looks like, and what common mental thoughts and issues plague those who are recovering.

4. Treat Them As an Equal

Many folks will treat recovery alcoholics like second-class citizens. This will in turn only make the loved one feel worse about their prior habits, which could result in them turning back to drink for solace. By treating the recovering alcoholic as an equal, neither a superior nor an inferior, you give them the independence, responsibility, and respect that they need to get back on their feet.

5. Give AA Gifts

Last but not least, be sure to celebrate your loved one’s success. If they have managed to stay sober for varying milestones, celebrate that with AA Gifts.

How Can I Help a Recovering Alcoholic? Answered

With this guide under your belt, you should now be far better equipped to answer the question, “how can I help a recovering alcoholic in my life?”

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