What is Rehab Like for Drug Addiction This is What You Need to Know

No one plans addiction, but sometimes life throws a curveball that can send someone into a downward spiral. When you don’t have someone reliable to turn to, drugs become a place of solace.

You don’t have to allow drug abuse to consume you. Get help. It’s time to find out what is rehab like.

Drug rehab provides support 24 hours a day every day of the week. That means there’s never a moment during your struggle that you’ll find yourself alone. Don’t fret about triggers, rehab doesn’t allow space for negative influence.

Nothing—drugs, drug pushers, or anything that caused your downfall comes near you in rehab.

Are you still wondering what is rehab like for drug addiction? If yes, you should check out our guide here on the key things to know.

What Is Rehab Like? Meals and Meetings

Rehab might seem complicated but it’s not like most people envision. It’s not prison, so don’t think you’re signing into solitary to never see real people again.

What happens in rehab?

On a typical day, your mornings start with a delicious healthy breakfast. Eating hearty foods helps with the detox process. Expect to start the day off with a well-balanced meal.

After breakfast, therapy sessions begin. These are group meetings that focus on the process of recovery from addiction. Expect an introduction to the 12-step program and other treatment options.

These meetings last for a few hours, but they’re very encouraging and you get breaks.

Exercise and Self-Care

Drug Rehab Centers give you time in the afternoon to take care of yourself. There are self-care options such as yoga, journaling, and meditation.

Quiet time to focus on your recovery is highly encouraged and beneficial to your breakthrough. You’ll also have time to complete homework assignments from group therapy sessions.

Because therapy is a huge part of your recovery, expect some sessions in the afternoon as well.

If you have a family, they’re often invited into the center for a family therapy session. This helps mend fences once destroyed by addiction.

Other breakout therapy sessions—behavioral and specialized therapy—happen as well.

Lights Out

Sleep issues are common withdrawal symptoms of addiction. Because rest is an encouraged activity in rehab, dinner happens early. This leaves time for evening activities and early lights out.

Expect to enjoy dinner around 5 or 6 PM. This time varies at different facilities, but look for that to be the median. An evening therapy session happens right after, followed by time for reflection and journaling.

Ample rest aids the recovery and healing process. People who establish good sleeping habits in rehab have a less-likely chance of relapsing.

Consider Rehab

Don’t continue to suffer in silence. There’s help for you and your family by finding out about rehab.

What is rehab like? It’s a place for you to start over and redeem the good things in life. Rehab works.

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