The Most Common Injuries – and How to Avoid Them

Whether we hate to admit it or not, we are fragile creatures. We spend a great deal of our time avoiding danger. However, at one point or another trouble finds us.

As the old saying goes: it’s better to have a fence at the top of the cliff than an ambulance at the bottom. Understanding what the most common injury is for activities like sports and driving could help you to avoid trouble. 

Often these events are unavoidable, though. So keep reading to find out what are some of the most common injuries that occur in daily life and some tips on how to prevent them.

Most Common Workplace Injuries

The type of injuries you may encounter at your workplace varies depending on your line of work. Usually, injuries tend to occur more often in jobs that involve machines, like construction work or factories. 

These types of injuries include body members being caught in machinery — often causing dismemberment. Moving parts of machinery or equipment could cause severe collisions. 

The best way to avoid workplace injuries is to never skimp on prevention measures. This doesn’t only include PPE, but safeguards on machinery and encouraging a safe working environment at all times. 

Most Common Car Accident Injuries

A car accident can cause injuries that are often invisible. A lot of car accident injuries occur internally. Organs can be harmed even if the accident didn’t cause obvious external injuries. The shock of the collision could have lasting effects that are not immediately noticeable.

Aside from that, whiplash and other soft tissue injuries are common injuries of car accidents. The best precaution is obviously to drive responsibly. Often, though, it’s drivers that don’t share your attitude that causes the accident.

If a car accident has occurred that is not your fault, you may be entitled to compensation. Visit this page to find out more.

Most Common Sports Injuries

Sports and exercise is a vital part of staying healthy. But it is also a group of activities rife with opportunities for serious injuries. Not all sports produce the same level of danger, but that should never be an excuse to get overconfident. 

Most injuries are caused by poor handling of equipment like weights in bodybuilding. This kind of negligence can cause long-term tears in ligaments that reappear in the future. 

In more competitive sports, like football, the risk of knee injury is very high. The most common knee injury is a fracture of the knee cap. This type of injury is not to be taken lightly.

A fractured knee cap could leave you immobilized for months on end and the same injury could worsen years down the line. Many professional sports careers have come to an end by a seemingly insignificant knee injury.

The knee is a very sensitive part of the body, so one of the best precautions while playing sports is to avoid sports or playing styles that cause a lot of high collisions and falling. That might not sound like fun, but everything has a price!

The Most Common Injury For You

The purpose of this article is not to terrify you about all the ways you can hurt yourself. It’s to help you notice what could be the most common injury that could occur in your life.

It’s also to help you to see that there are many ways we can protect ourselves. So, take the time to look at your life and ask yourself: what areas am I in danger of being found by trouble and what can I do in my daily life to avoid it?

Just a slight adjustment in habits and attitude can ensure that you have the upper hand when danger lurks!

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