• soft-boiled-egg-cup-yolk

    How much protein is in an egg?

    Eggs are known to an excellent source of protein. They also contain different kinds of nutrients. These are the main reason eggs are commonly consumed across the globe. Protein is an essential nutrient for our wellbeing. It is used in…

  • hunger

    18 ways to reduce hunger and appetite

    A lot of people are struggling to lose their current weight. This is mostly because of their daily calorie intake. You must lower your appetite and control your hunger if you want to attain your desired weight. There are different…

  • weight

    Ways to maintain weight loss

    Many people across the globe are struggling with weight loss. They might succeed in losing some weight. It is one of temporary as they will gain weight again. There are some proven ways you can use to maintain your current…

  • vegetables

    Healthiest vegetables on earth

    Vegetables are one of the healthiest meals you are encouraged to eat by nutritionists. They contain different nutrients such as fibre, minerals and vitamins. Vegetables also contain low amounts of calories. Some vegetables are very powerful in that they can…

  • stomach

    The 30 best ways to get a Flat Stomach

    A lot of people across the globe are struggling with fat around their belly. In addition to these, belly fat is linked to plenty of chronic conditions. Luckily, there are some strategies you can use to attain a flat stomach.…

  • healthy

    Healthy foods that is incredibly cheap

    Are you on a low budget and still want to eat healthily? You are at the right place. People have a perception you must have a lot of money to eat healthy foods. Well; there are plenty of healthy foods…

  • raw

    The Raw Food Diet

    The raw food diet is commonly adopted in different parts of the globe. It also dates back to the 1800s. The raw food diet seems to be gaining popularity among different people. People have different reasons they adopt a raw…

  • foods with vitamin e

    Foods that are High in Vitamin E

    Vitamin E is an essential antioxidant in our bodies. It protects the body cells from inflammation. Vitamin E also boosts our immune system. This is the reason our body should have sufficient amounts of this vitamin. People who get fewer…